Your Crew’s Responsibilities for Your Construction Fire Safety Plan

Every construction fire safety plan needs to include the responsibilities of your site personnel. Although the fire department will obviously be the ones fighting a fire, there are still duties you should assign to your crew to help reduce the chances of a fire. Here are some of those duties.

Properly Handle Combustible Waste and Disposals

If you have combustible waste on your site, you need to make sure someone is disposing of it properly. This includes putting this waste in containers that are just for combustible materials. The containers should be at least three meters away from all of the exits in the building you’re working on.

What kind of disposal chutes do you have on site? If they are made out of noncombustible material, they can be anywhere on site. But if they are made up combustible materials, they should terminate a minimum of two meters above your disposal bins.

Decrease Fire Hazards on Site

There are also basic tasks that members of your construction crew should perform to decrease your chances of fire. These will also make fighting the fire easier for the fire department. These tasks include:

  • Removing extra pallets from the site
  • Discarding garbage on a regular basis
  • Disposing of combustible materials on a regular basis
  • Separating combustible materials from open flame devices

Clear Access Routes for Emergency Vehicles

You should always keep access routes clear for emergency vehicles in case of a fire or any other emergency. The area around your fire hydrants should also be clear so fire personnel can easily get to them. Your chosen access routes should be a safe distance from any materials on site that could be combustible or hazardous.

Protect Adjacent Buildings

In your construction fire safety plan, you should not only consider the safety of the main building you’re working on but also that of the adjacent building. Make sure that any building that could be affected by a fire originating from your building is included in your plan so that the adjacent building, any staff inside, and their parking are all safe.

Make Entries and Exits Accessible

Every floor of the building you’re working on should have at least one exit that remains clear and accessible at all times. It’s important for you to not only think about the personnel you have on your site on a day-to-day basis but also any extra personnel who might come in from time to time. For example, you should make sure that where you have delivery trucks parking would not block the route that an emergency vehicle would use in the event of a fire.

These tasks are just some of the things will go into your construction fire safety plan. For maximum precautions in the event of a fire, you should hire fire safety plan experts that will write you a thorough, helpful construction fire safety plan. Get Fire Plan is exactly that kind of company! Call us today so we can get started building a plan that’s perfect for you!

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