Protecting Hot Work Operations Areas in Your Construction Fire Safety Plan

Hot work operations areas on construction sites are hazardous in general, but especially when it comes to fire safety. If you have a hot work operations area on your site, you’ll need to take additional precautions to protect your site and include this information in your construction fire safety plan. Here are some of the fire safety regulations you need to know.

Fire Checks and Inspections

Hot work areas should be free of combustible and flammable materials. Combustible and flammable materials should be far enough away that they can’t ignite. Some construction sites have fire watches to monitor hot work operations as they are happening and for one hour after the work is completed. If you have personnel who serve as fire watches, make sure you include this in your fire safety plan. Three hours after the fire watch has ended (four hours after the project has been completed), someone should conduct a final inspection of the area to make sure it is safe.

Proper Disposal Methods

Having materials that are combustible and flammable on your construction site is pretty much inevitable. What’s important is that you are disposing of them safely. Your site should protect these materials in some way to decrease their chances of starting a fire. For example, many construction sites utilize a non-combustible/thermal barrier around these materials.

Trained and Certified Hot Work Operations Personnel

All the hot work operations should be performed by a trained or certified professional. Not only will this ensure who understands how to not only do their job professionally and correctly but also how to minimize fire risks in the process.

Compliant Fire Extinguishers

You must keep a fire extinguisher around at all times. You have two types of fire extinguishers you need:

  • 2-A:10-B:C—present on all movable equipment
  • 4-A:40-B:C—present on all stationary equipment

Your construction site will need fire extinguishers as well as trained personnel who know how to use the extinguishers properly. These extinguishers should be located away from combustible materials.

Sufficient Hot Work Operations Ventilation

Your hot work operations site should have plenty of ventilation to keep everyone who is on site safe. Every city will have different ventilation requirements, so make sure you are following the ones for your location. This information will also go into your construction fire safety pan.

Make sure that the hot work operations areas on your construction site are as safe as they can possibly be. Contact Get Fire Plan for a construction fire safety plan at a competitive price. We guarantee compliance with all the fire codes in your city. Get Fire Plan even offers a free consultation! There’s nothing to worry about when we’re on your side!

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