The Role of Security in Your Construction Site Fire Safety Plan

Are you building a new construction in British Columbia? It’s important to consider your fire safety plan and site security. Many people overlook this, but it’s a necessity—it could save lives in the event of disaster.

Your fire safety plan should clearly outline the role of security. The security used on construction sites can widely vary, so it’s vital to detail what type of security your construction site has in your construction fire safety plan. It helps emergency personnel know how to best approach a fire on your construction site.

Types of Construction Site Security

What security precautions have you taken on your construction site? You should include details such as if you have a locked gate and whether or not it’s monitored. If you utilize CCTV, an alarm, and any kind of walk-around security (whether it’s 24/7 or just nightly), add this to your plan. Security personnel may need to assist the fire department with accessing locked areas on the construction site. In your plan, you should specify what areas with limited access your security personnel have keys to.

Security’s Role in a Fire

If you do have security personnel, do they have any kind of role in the event of a fire? Some security guards may have specific tasks. Make sure if you want your security to play a role, you’ve communicated it to them and included it in your plan. If they have a role, they will need to be able to communicate with emergency personnel in a fire. Make sure you have a plan in place for how the communication between parties can happen effectively.

Security Fence Information

Include information about your security fence in your fire safety plan. Your fence should be sturdy and encompass the entire demolition or construction site. It needs to be at least 1.8 meters high. You should have limited openings in your security fence, only those that are required for access to the construction site. All the openings that do exist should be closed and locked when the site is not being attended to. You must maintain these access points for the entirety of the demolition or construction project.

Emergency Personnel Access

Some fences can actually hinder the ability of emergency personnel to access your construction site. Make sure that you have built your fence in such a way to keep unwanted outsiders out but the fire department in, if necessary. Your security fence also should never obstruct equipment that emergency personnel would need to use, such as a fire hydrant. The surface of the fence that faces the outside should be smooth. All these details should go into your British Columbia construction fire safety plan.

Don’t leave any information about your security out of your British Columbia construction site fire safety plan. A good plan increases the efficiency and safety of your site in case of emergency. It’s also compliant with all the fire codes that are relevant to your area. If you want a plan like this, make sure you contact Get Fire Plan. We help construction teams and sites in the British Columbia area stay safe!

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