Construction Fire Safety Plans
Keep your crew safe with tailor-made fire safety plans for even the most complex jobsite. With over a decade of experience in creating tailored fire safety plans, we’ll make your construction fire safety plan easy and painless!
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Welcome to Construction Fire Safety Plans

Construction Fire Safety Plans

It’s crucial to have a fire safety plan for every project, large or small. Aside from meeting local, municipal and fire department safety requirements, it’s also important to protect your crew from injury, reduce the chance of property damage, and reduce legal liabilities. In the case of an emergency, you will be prepared for efficient, safe evacuation.

Tailored to Each Project

No two construction fire safety plans are the same. That’s because no two projects are the same. Your fire safety plan must reflect the development and construction of your project as it progresses through the demolition or building process. Since fire access routes and exits are likely to change over the course of your project, your fire safety plan must keep up.

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We’d be happy to help you build a customized fire safety plan as you build a new construction or conduct a renovation. We care about our customers and work hard to provide fast and efficient service! Simply contact us to get a free quote for your construction fire safety plan today.

What We Do

About Construction Fire Safety

With locations in Vancouver and Surrey, BC, we’re the leading experts in British Columbia fire code. It’s our duty to ensure that your construction fire safety plans are in compliance with area fire codes. We also ensure that your plan is accurate, easy to understand, and able to protect your personnel in the event of a fire emergency. There’s no guesswork and no uncertainty when you work with us. Our fire safety plans will also enable you to obtain an occupancy permit with minimal hassle.

We offer:

  • Accurate, CAD-developed Fire Safety Plans
  • Evacuation Plans, Fire Audits, & Fire Training
  • Fully-Approved Plans Tailored to Your Building & Your City
  • Quick Turnarounds Including Audits, Violation Corrections, etc.
  • Exclusive 100% Money Back Guarantee

Who We Are

About Construction Fire Safety

There are two main parts to any good construction fire safety plan. First, your construction fire safety pan must be written out to include the following information:

The scope of work for the project

Details of the job site

Hot work areas and procedures

Locations and details of nearby fire protection systems

Fire safety director and deputy duties.

 And secondly, you must have a weekly checklist along with diagrams to support your construction fire safety plan. The weekly checklist should include the following:

  • All proposed construction and existing buildings
  • Contractors fences and construction site hoarding
  • Fire access routes and driveways
  • Nearby firefighting equipment, hydrants, and connections to sprinklers and standpipes
  • Storage locations of any flammable materials such as propane
  • Temporary exits if regular exits are obstructed due to construction

These are just some of the main things to be aware of in a construction fire safety plan. To ensure the ultimate safety and legal compliance, you should hire fire safety plan experts to provide a well-designed construction fire safety plan. Get in touch with us today—we’ll create a custom plan for your jobsite.

Frequently Asked Questions

about Fire Safety

A construction fire safety plan is used by fire departments and building occupants—which, in the case of construction usually consists of a construction crew—in the event of a fire. It allows occupants to safely and properly evacuate hazardous buildings by mapping out exits, fire extinguishers, fire pull stations and safe meeting points.

Yes! Fire safety plans are mandatory for ALL construction sites in British Columbia. They are also mandatory for any building with a fire alarm system, along with any premise that handles flammable or combustible liquids and other hazardous materials.

Construction fire safety plans must be updated as structural changes occur to the premise. On a construction site, structural changes are constantly being made, which makes it important to continually update your construction fire safety plan throughout the project.

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